Airboat, Week 1

This is a scratch-built project insipred by the Ian McQue's airships. The one shown below is Remora, also available as a kit in here.

Ian McQue's Remora

I started off building the hull by using the body parts of Warhammer 40K's Ork Stompa. Added plasticards to hide the spaces and undesired details (Such as built-in grot figures on the body). Here you can see the hull brought together:

Then the deck was constructed using the leftover parts of the Stompa and some other flat and textured bits lying around. Whatever seems fit is used: cell phone cases, a hand camera cover, sprue parts and some pieces from the Robogear Hexagon kit (Which were hard to use, since they break apart when you try to cut them).

Marked the wall for the upcoming stairs leading to the upper deck:

There will be a little interior displaying an engine room. The wires are decorative, I am not planning to add any lightning or such, there is too little space to see through.

Here are the engines. They are salvaged from the Warhammer 40K Space Marine Land Speeder Storm. Some other bits and pieces are used to add some greeble on the plasticard-made engine base.

An exhaust built with a bending straw and a ball-point pen mechanism.