Airboat, Week 6

This week I focused on masts (poles) of the boat. The first one is an arch that will go on the middle section. The arch was build with H beams salvaged from handles of a yogurt box. Additional corner supports are cotton bud stems and plasticard. On the sides, details are added from model bits. A fire extinguisher and a small screen. Notice the scratch-build belt on the fire extinguisher :D

Other mast will go to the back of the boat, next to captain's cabin. This one serves as an antenna. The antenna head is made from jeep parts and a mesh from an electric shaver. The wiring is made from a metallic guitar string. The thicker tubes are ballpoint pen bodies. Besides the mast, you can see the the tires in the photo prepared as side bumpers. Additionally, some small fins are shaped into sharper corners from plane tail-wing parts.

For easy attachment, I glued a sound jack on the bottom of the antenna mast (not shown in the picture), it now plugs in and out easily. Here is the this week's final shot with the parts attached on the ship:

<Image coming up>

Airboat, Week 5

This week is dedicated to finishing up the captain's cabin. Added some detailing and closed the gaps on the front.

Star Carrier, Week 2

Started to work on the top of the Star Carrier. Used pieces from GW tanks, bridge from the original Enterprise kit, and bottom parts of a Tomcat jet.

Star Carrier, Week 1


Another new project, another diversion. A spaceship built based on the USS Enterpirse Aircraft Carrier. The original carrier will be used upside down. The initial work was done on the bottom side of the ship.

The top is empty right now, most initial work was done on the botttom side



Here's another paper model project. This is a beer brewery based on infographical charts found on the web. I tried to make the rooms and tools as close to the real thing but naturally, at the end; it is not.

Airboat, Week 4

This week I worked on the captain's cabin. I decided to build it with plasticards in order to have a decent sized cabin. The previous attempt looked too small. Here is the base structure, heated the roof piece in order to stay curved.

Monument Valley Fan Art


This week I had a paper model built up. It is a fan art for the puzzle game Monument Valley. It is popular with its Esher-esque impossible shaped puzzles (and solutions).