Monument Valley Fan Art


This week I had a paper model built up. It is a fan art for the puzzle game Monument Valley. It is popular with its Esher-esque impossible shaped puzzles (and solutions).

Here is a screenshot of an early level in the game:

For the first step, I sketched out the impossible shape into a possible shape:

Then, out of squared paper, I built my first mock up. Glueing pieces of layer on layer, with lots of patches, until reaching a proper shape:

Studying on the mockup, I mapped out the layout for the proper pieces:

And then I remade the pieces with a nice watercolor paper:

Added the waterfall with colored paper, three shades of blue, cut in shapes:

Then I painted it with watered down acrylic paint. I digressed from the original game colors, due to lack of paints:

And for the last step, I painted a lake and cut lilies from green paper for the background: