Star Carrier, Week 1


Another new project, another diversion. A spaceship built based on the USS Enterpirse Aircraft Carrier. The original carrier will be used upside down. The initial work was done on the bottom side of the ship.

The top is empty right now, most initial work was done on the botttom side

Top engines are based on a spare furniture piece, bottle caps and some plasticard.

The main engine residing on the bottom is made up from a scent canister, pen pieces and a plastic heater knob.
Engines bottom view, reactor in the middle (Model upside down)
Reactor is scratch built by tank pieces, terrain pieces and plasticards. Coils are made with lighter spark wheels.
Close up for the reactor (Model upside down)
Bottom hangar section is built by train wagons, tank body and terrain bits.
Bottom hangar section (Model upside down)
Planning to make a little interior to the hangar with lights.
Bottom Hangar entrance