Here is my build of Hornethopter kit from Industria Mechanika. It is a steampunk aviation vehicle.

The kit is made of resin pieces with photo-etched wings and details. There supposed to be a wire in the kit but it was missing. I used a guitar wire instead, which turned out to be a better option.

Hail to my cutting-edge airbrush box:

For this build up, I could not get any process photos. So, straight to the result:

Here you can check out the pimped up cockpit details:

You can see a unique base platform here:

The platform is scratch built from various bits, having the hexagon theme for the comb reference (how surprising!). The bottom case is a hexagon wooden gift box, I was lucky just to have one already. It is filled with foam to raise the floor. The floor tiles is made of two layers of cardstock paper, a base layer and a second layer for tiles which are cut individually to create a volume. Then the floor is base-coated with black and dry-brushed with gray in order to bring up the tile details. Some decorations from the bit-box and an actual headlight lamp finishes the ground level.

The platform stands on plastics straws. The platform itself is made from paper and three types of stirring sticks. The wooden floor is actually wooden sticks tiled on a paper. The lights on the corners are made from red transparent push-pins, some weapon nozzles and guitar strings.

Here I started painting the pilots:

And the final model with the pilots:

[coming as soon as I finish the pilots]